Working Together.

Dear One Naples neighbors,

March 27, 2020 Stock Development sincerely thanks our One Naples neighbors and other local residents for participating in numerous small group discussions, community outreach sessions, and Neighborhood Information Meetings over the past two years. We have listened carefully to the feedback and have continually reviewed and refined our proposed plan for One Naples to incorporate improvements based on the comments we have received.

Our plan for One Naples has been resubmitted to Collier County reflecting significant changes to the plan, with a focus on addressing height, density, and traffic considerations.

The revised plan for One Naples includes:

  • A reduction in the number of residences from 240 to 172. This 28 percent reduction is in addition to the previous reduction of 20 percent (from the original proposal of 300 units to 240);
  • A reduction in height of the high-rise buildings from 16 residential floors over two floors of parking to 14 residential floors over two floors of parking.
  • A reduction in height of the midrise buildings from 65 feet to 55 feet of zoned height;
  • A reduction of commercial square footage from 25,000 square feet to 10,000 square feet;
  • Significant improvements to the project setbacks, including:
    • Increasing the Southbay Drive building setbacks from 0 feet to 10 feet
    • Increasing the setback from Barefoot Pelican to 27.5 feet, which is half the midrise zoned height
    • Increasing the Vanderbilt Beach Road setback from the residents’ parking floors from 10 feet to 15 feet
    • Increasing the Gulf Shore Drive setback from the residents’ parking floors from 10 feet to 15 feet
    • Increasing the setback for the residential portion of the high-rise building along Vanderbilt Beach Road to 25 feet
    • Increasing the setback for the residential portion of the high-rise building along Gulfshore Drive to 25 feet
    • Increasing the Center Street building setback from 0 feet to 10 feet

Together, the changes in density and commercial space create a dramatic 46 percent reduction in traffic generated by One Naples, from 275 peak-hour p.m. trips (for 240 residences and 25,000 square feet of commercial) to 148 peak-hour p.m. trips (for 172 residences and 10,000 square feet of commercial). It is important to remember, in context, that current commercial zoning allows for 491 peak-hour p.m. trips for 100,000 square feet of mixed commercial uses over one story of parking – a reasonable and marketable use at this location. Clearly, the proposed plan for One Naples provides significant relief of vehicular traffic over current zoning.

Additionally, Stock representatives continue to meet with the Collier County Department of Transportation to discuss improvements to enhance traffic flow along Vanderbilt Beach Road and the intersections of Hammock Oak Drive, North Pointe Drive, Vanderbilt Drive, Southbay Drive, and Gulf Shore Drive. Specifically, Stock has proposed to design and install the following, subject to approval by the County:

  • A traffic signal at Vanderbilt Beach Road and Gulf Shore Drive, to include pedestrian crossing indicators;
  • An extended left turn lane into the Collier County parking garage, along with enhanced technology and signage upgrades to notify the public of parking availability;
  • A sidewalk along the east side of Gulf Shore Drive, adjacent to One Naples;
  • An 8-foot-wide multi-use pathway along the north side of Vanderbilt Beach Road, from the terminus of the existing pathway to Gulf Shore Drive; and
  • The addition of 10-foot travel lanes, 4-foot bike lanes, and 5-foot sidewalks on both sides of Southbay Drive. The road and pathways will be open to the public.

Despite these significant changes to the One Naples plan, Stock’s key commitments remain in place:

  • One Naples will offer resort-destination amenities designed to meet residents’ lifestyle and recreational needs as part of a self-contained residential community.
  • All parking needs for One Naples residents and most visitors will be accommodated on-site.
  • The existing number of parallel parking spaces along Vanderbilt Beach Road will remain.
  • We will create onsite lushly landscaped corridors that exceed county requirements along Vanderbilt Beach Road, Gulf Shore Drive, and Southbay Drive to ensure a beautiful, peaceful experience for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other passersby.
  • In addition to the onsite landscaping buffers, we are requesting approval to provide enhanced landscaping within the county’s right-of-way areas. That approval would allow for a minimum depth of approximately 34 feet from the back of the curb to the building structures, with enhanced landscaping and pedestrian pathways along Vanderbilt Beach Road and Gulf Shore Drive.
  • Street lighting will be added to illuminate the pathways and improve visibility.
  • A small on-site deli and coffee shop will be open to the public.
  • Marina fueling will be available to local boaters.

Stock Development believes these changes have helped to ensure this project is complementary with the surrounding neighborhoods and is the best use for the site. We are excited to move forward with the new proposal and believe it best reflects the wishes of the majority of our neighbors.

The website will continue to provide project updates. Thank you.

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