Property. Valued.

We’ve developed a plan that optimizes the best zoning for this location.

STOCK has always made it a priority as to how One Naples can best complement and enhance the character of Vanderbilt Beach area. With that in mind, the revised plan for One Naples reduces density, height and commercial space, and there is also significant improvements to the project setbacks. 

Together, the changes in density and commercial space create a dramatic 46 percent reduction in traffic generated by One Naples, from 275 peak-hour p.m. trips (for 240 residences and 25,000 square feet of commercial) to 148 peak-hour p.m. trips (for 172 residences and 10,000 square feet of commercial). It is important to remember, in context, that current commercial zoning allows for 491 peak-hour p.m. trips for 100,000 square feet of mixed commercial uses over one story of parking – a reasonable and marketable use at this location. The traffic and parking experience will also be improved through technology upgrades at the county parking garage, including additional parking garage signage.